About me - Further educations


Cultural activities with young people „Music and new media“ anlongside my permanent occupation. Additional qualification with a final „hands-on“ project (800 lesson units),carried by „Senatsverwaltung Schule, Jugend und Sport Berlin“ and sponsored by the European Social Funds.

„Desire and effort“ – a contradiction at music schools?“ with Prof. Dr. Peter Röbke (Vienna) at the musicschool Fanny Hensel, Berlin-Mitte.

Conducting orchestras with Georgios Sfyridis (Berlin) at the academy of music of the county Berlin.

Conducting orchestras with Prof. Constantin Alex (Berlin) at the musicschool Fanny Hensel, Berlin-Mitte.
„Working with parents“ with Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mahlert (Berlin) at the musicschool Fanny Hensel, Berlin-Mitte.

2011 and 2012
Each year doing a 10 days conducting seminar for leaders of youth orchestras with Prof. Karl-Heinz Bloemeke (Detmold) and Prof. Constantin Alex (Berlin), part I (HfM Detmold) und part II (Schloß Weikersheim), carried by Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland.



2006 : 2. European FELDENKRAIS® conference in Berlin: „Learning in motion“.
Annual meetings of the Feldenkrais Verband Deutschland e.V. (Feldenkrais Association Germany):
  • 2007: „FELDENKRAIS® and the muses – a liason?“ (Düsseldorf)
  • 2008: „FELDENKRAIS® moves“ (Dresden)
  • 2011: „Awareness and development“ (Berlin)
  • 2016: "FELDENKRAIS® and business" (Karlsruhe)
    Advanceds/Masterclasses and others
  • 2008: Advanced Training: „Levels of control in Functional Integration“ with Jeremy Krauss  in Berlin.
  • 2010: Sounder Sleep System, Modul 3 Seminar with Patricio Simon in Munich.
  • 2012: Advanced Training: "Working precisely with eggballs“ with Eli Wadler in Berlin.
  • 2014: Public Workshop: "Feldenkrais and multiple sclerosis" with Roger Russel in Berlin
  • 2014: Advanced Training: "Inner Uprightness" with Ruty Bar in Berlin
  • 2015: Advanced Training: "Feldenkrais for musicians" with Aliza Stewart in Berlin
  • 2016: Masterclass "Functional Integration - deepening" with Eli Wadler in Berlin
2007: English class (intermediate) in Cork/Ireland (3 weeks).
2008: English (upper intermediate) in Galway/Ireland (2 weeks).
2009: English (advanced) in Galway/Ireland ( 2 months of schooling and 3 further months of residence).