Short and sweet: Music and FELDENKRAIS®

The combined instruction of both an instrument and FELDENKRAIS® is usefull on all levels and for all ages. It is highly recommended to professional musicians who are threatened by or suffer from the typical illnesses of musicians. I is very helpful for those who tend to get tense and experience pain while practicing or performing. Also for those musicians whose sounds are flat, fluttery and shaky and for those who have to learn to deal with a (new) impairment. I studied teacher for violin at the Hochschule für Musik "Hanns Eisler" in Berlin/Germany and comprise of 20 years of experience in teaching mainly children and teenager in a state musicschool: individual lessons, in chamber music and playing in an orchestra. I was also trained for 4 years in the FELDENKRAIS® method. This training was accredited by the European Teacher Accreditation Board (EuroTAB). I developed my own way of teaching a combination of both fields.

One-to-one-lessons (90 min) Combination of 45 min of instrumental work and 45 min of FELDENKRAIS® (mainly Functional Integration®: FELDENKRAIS® lessons through physical touch). Dates are appointed individually.

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Cornelia Michalek
0049/30/49 00 48 56


Studio für Musik und Feldenkrais Berlin

Stettiner Str. 31, 13357 Berlin (Gesundbrunnen)