Music and FELDENKRAIS® – Combined Lessons

My combination of lessons on playing the violin or the viola with FELDENKRAIS® lessons is unique in Berlin, at least as far as I could find out. It is also possible to combine FELDENKRAIS® lessons with a coaching on other instruments.
The structure of the lesson is as follows: 45 minutes of teaching how to play the instrument and 45 minutes of Functional Integration® (this is the „hands-on-technique“ of the FELDENKRAIS® method – learn more in section „Feldenkrais“)
Instrumental lessons comprise:
  • For beginners
    • Learning and feeling the instrument
    • Get instructions on simple and comfortable movements
  • For advanced students and/or students suffering from pains and stage fright
  • An instruction to explore your usual movements and to look out for new ways, integrating the whole body and all its functions
  • Basic technical details like playing the strings, the grip, finger placement, vibrato or string change are going to be discussed.
The FELDENKRAIS® lessons provide the opportunity, by professional tactile stimulation to confirm or even expand the achievements through a direct dialogue with the nervous system. Verbal guidance reserved.