Violin and viola lessons

The motto of famous japanese violinist and violin teacher Sichinichi Suzuki (1898-1998) "Education is love" has informed my teaching for many years. A successful learning experience only becomes possible when there is a healthy, anxiety-free, respectful and cordial relationship between teacher and student.

Once you decide on a teacher, either for yourself or for your child, this can be the start of a connection lasting years, for many pupils even decades.

I offer tuition in violin or viola to children and adults at all levels. I'm an experienced and highly-skilled teacher with more than 20 years of broad experience teaching in the contexts of one-to-one-lessons, chamber music and orchestra playing. Whether adult or child, you will be in safe hands.

By regularly attending a variety of supervisory sessions in teaching, I am especially sensitive to how it feels to be an adult beginner, a musician who is changing instrument, or a gifted musician who doesn’t practise, and know how I can work with you succesfully.

In the event that you might not yet read music, I can help you learn to read and teach you the basics in music theory. Furthermore, I can also help you in finding an appropriate rental instrument.

For very young beginners (children aged 4 to 5) I recommend starting with 2 units (20 to 30 minutes) per week.


There are differing fees for children and adults; please check under "Dates and Fees".