Welcome to my Bonus Programme!


Welcome to my FELDENKRAIS® Bonus Programme!


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Every half a year is going to be a raffle to win a FELDENKRAIS® one- to- one- lesson. Everybody who attends my regular weekly group lessons gets a lot for it. Participants of my workshops or one- to- one students can get a lot by donation in the coffee box. The raffle is running the 15/4 and the 15/10 each year. In case you're the winner you'll be informed.


If you arrange a new FELDENKRAIS® student you get a (an additional) lot for the raffle.


If you attend sets of 6 or 4 lessons within a specific period of time, I'll present you one attendance of a group class FELDENKRAIS® for free . These are the periods:
- 6 class subscription ticket used within 2 months
- 4 class subscription ticket used within 1 month.


You'll be rewarded with a graduation t-shirt (similar to the coloured belts in Judo) if you attend:
- 24 one-to-one-lessons FELDENKRAIS® or
- 24 combined one-to-one-lessons FELDENKRAIS® and music or
- 4 sets of 10 group lessons FELDENKRAIS® or
- 1 year group lessons with the monthly contract
This t-shirt (100% cotton) will be made especially for you. It will feature the name and logo of Studio für Musik und Feldenkrais and my motto, a quote from the well-known FELDENKRAIS® Trainer Beatriz Walterspiel: "Alles Leben ist Bewegung. Beweglicher werden heißt lebendiger werden: körperlich- seelisch- geistig."
T-shirts are awarded in the following colours:
1) white 2) dark blue 3) light green 4) let's see! ;-)


Looking forward to working with you!
Yours Cornelia Michalek