Töne bewegen.

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Töne bewegen

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FELDENKRAIS® for musicians

10 IFF Moshe Feldenkrais portrait 5 h„A healthy person is one who can live fully his unavowed dreams. [...]
Some of our best and healthiest men -- who, by the way, may be hunchbacks or have other deformities -- are the sort of people of whom we think as artists. Most artists, be they cobblers or sculptors, composers or virtuosos, poets, or scientists, like good wine, are best when they are old. The outstanding difference between such healthy people and the others is that they have found by intuition, genius, or had the luck to learn from a healthy teacher, that learning is the gift of life. A special kind of learning: that of knowing oneself. They learn to know 'how' they are acting and thus are able to do 'what' they want -- the intense living of their unavowed, and sometimes declared, dreams.”
(Moshé Feldenkrais 'about health', published at Dromenon, 1979)


FELDENKRAIS® especially for musicians?

Music and FELDENKRAIS® - the combined lesson - is for all levels and age groups. I recommend it for anyone suffering from typical signs of fatigue, stiffness and/or pain. If you notice that you are tensing up when playing, that pain is building up, that you often make weak, uncontrolled or shaky sounds, or that you’re having to increase your body-awareness because of a new physical limitation, then you’re in the right place! “Your body is your Strad!” - the easier and more fluidly you can move, the better and more focussed you can play your instrument. The freed up energy is expressed in new creativity and a stronger presence on stage.

 Mrs. E. (flute player) after a combined hour flute-Feldenkrais:
"Nach der Feldenkrais Einzelstunde fühlte ich mich körperlich wirklich fit! Die Lockerung in der Brustwirbelsäule zwischen den Schulterblättern war eine Erleuchtung für mich. Bei der Tonaufnahme am nächsten Tag zog der Tonmeister den Hut vor meiner Intonation!"

There’s nothing more wonderful than feeling free on your instrument, to swing and glide, to trill and vibrate, to be inspired and creative, and to be aware of what you’re doing!

All musicians - pros and amateurs - can take part! The instrumental coaching can be on any instrument. My musical field of expertise, however, is on the violin and viola.

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Individual lesson or workshop?

It is completely up to you to decide whether you would like an individual lesson or to take part in a workshop.

A combined individual lesson consists of 30 minutes instrumental coaching and 45 minutes FELDENKRAIS® functional integration. The instrumental coaching involves me listening to you play your instrument and developing an individual concept to look closely at your typical movement patterns relating to your whole body and its functions. This leads to discovering easier and more comfortable possibilities which make a difference musically as well as technically.

The issues identified in the instrumental part of the lesson are looked at more closely without the instrument during the FELDENKRAIS® lesson and solutions are integrated both mentally and physically. I reserve the right to conduct lessons verbally at my discretion.

In my workshops “Töne bewegen.” means “Music move(s).”, you experience self-awareness through FELDENKRAIS® lessons, which are led verbally, and then integrate this experience with your instrument. We also play/sing together or sometimes listen to a solo presentation, depending on the situation. Do bring a piece/song/concerto along that you feel comfortable with and enjoy playing, or just look forward to your and our improvisation.

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