Relax deeper - sleep better

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How often do I have to do the exercises?

How often do I have to do the exercises?How often you need to do the exercises depends on how badly you are suffering!

As a minimum, I recommend daily 1 x 10 minutes for daily relaxation and 2 x 20 minutes per week to improve your breathing. You don’t need to add on any more time for the mini moves! This is because once you’ve learned them you can use them when needed during the night when you might otherwise be waiting to fall asleep!

If your sleeping disorder is a relatively new problem and you have managed so far without taking any medication, you can expect to see some improvements within 1-2 months.

If you’ve been suffering from a sleeping disorder for several years and are also on medication, it takes a while longer. However, you will still feel much better after doing the exercises, even if you’re not yet sleeping as long as you’d like.

Sleeping disorders can also be caused by certain organic or mental issues. These cannot be diagnosed or cured by the Sounder Sleep System®. Please make an appointment with your GP.

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