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Better sleep with the Sounder Sleep System®

Why do I sleep so badly?Why do I sleep so badly?

The reason for your insomnia can be caused by your personal lifestyle, but there are two basic antagonistic forces at work in your central nervous system: stimulation and inhibition. When you sleep badly, the balance between the two is disturbed - the stimulating part wins.

In order to sleep, sleep through the night, or lie in, you need a slower inhibiting process in your brain. This inhibition happens with the synchronisation of billions of brain cells and a change of brainwave patterns.

And how can I influence this inhibition process?

By learning the simple Sounder Sleep® exercises you can influence the slowing down and inhibition process. You make the smallest of movements in an easy combination with your breathing (mini moves). As a result, the brain activity slows down and a deeper, more recuperating sleep follows.



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